Photographs are more Yin than Yang Essays or Texts

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Photography is almost a reflex. Finding out that depending on how we look at things, something changes.

Enjoying taking pictures is mainly due to believing immortalising whatever we shoot with our smartphone or camera.

Landscapes, mountains, megaliths, stones and rocks, trees and barks plants and crops. Insects, birds and animals, shapes at times sweet and pretty, at other times dark and cold and much more, places of interests, cultural or historic sites, trekkings, national parks, wildlife Sanctuaries.

Writing is much about remembering what will be gone tomorrow, a therapeutic diary, a way to heal, to think, to witness changes good or bad within or outside. A way to better deal with thoughts and their privateness (not for all). Behaviours, effects of lacks and deprivations, abuses and exaggerations, control, intentions, tempers, differences, interests, jealousies, greed and vulnerabilities, energies, are they all worlds and ecosystems? Micro and macrocosmic.

I tend to get much often carried away too quickly 🙂

Writing is also defragmenting and reuniting a project started some thirty years ago with pieces of puzzles that have been stolen or shared, forgotten or thrown away, recycled and hacked. However, over-protected poorly maintained like the junk they were.

Recycling, pollution, clean or alternative energies, solar or else for a better lifestyle is a priority with the environment, the earth, and its contents organic for most. At the top of the food chain, humans corrupted at design for some, as part of nature for others.

Corruption worsens when groups of any kind, feeds on its own, at times a traitor to its group for his greed, underworldly pactising with the light, a low-resolution part of the light, still compelling and destructive, corrupted at will, and generous with its followers. Executioner as a daily routine. Masses as a sacrifice. They pollute rivers and earth as they poison veins and brains, and kids, adults and slaves are proudly traded with some bellies. Fire and fury, as a redemption? Is it worth the power?

Photographs and writings both immortalising beauty and miracles in all, during darkness and evil lurk around.

E. G.